Greenhouse gases

Climate change

As a riverside borough with low-lying areas we have experienced the impact of severe weather on people, industry and our wildlife.

We have been working to tackle climate change since 2007. Our most recent greenhouse gas report is published below.

Climate local

Climate local is our commitment to taking action in a changing climate. It supports national carbon reduction targets.

Growth could see an increase in emissions but we will work towards an overall 35% reduction in emissions from 1990 levels by working towards:

  • reducing emissions per job by 22% by 2022
  • reducing emissions per resident by 15% by 2022
  • reducing emissions per daily road movement by 15% by 2022

What we will do

A reduction in carbon will be achieved by helping to reduce emissions in areas such as:

  • local transport
  • housing
  • industry and commercial buildings
  • renewable energy
  • land use
  • climate resilience planning
  • council emissions

What you can do

You can help to reduce emissions by:

  • not leaving your TV on stand-by, it wastes money and energy
  • turning down your thermostat by one degree and potentially saving 10% on your fuel bill
  • turning off the light when you leave a room
  • only filling your kettle with the amount of water you need
  • using a toaster instead of the grill and they use less energy
  • making sure your loft is well insulated with a good thick insulation
  • closing curtains at dusk to help retain heat
  • draught proofing windows and doors, a draught excluder is a fine craft project for kids