Gritting and snow clearing

How we grit and clear snow

We monitor the weather is constantly during winter. Normally we know when snow is expected.

Main roads and bus routes are gritted in advance, as are other minor roads that we know cause particular problems in bad weather.

When snow arrives our gritters make sure main routes are kept as clear as possible. Normally when snow falls we spread around 200 tonnes of salt in a day.

Whilst we will try to salt residential roads, these are not treated as a priority and must wait until we are sure the main roads have been cleared.

Find out about our gritting routes.

We clear footways and pedestrian areas by hand. These are dealt with in order of importance, which means the first areas treated are shopping centres, schools (when they are open) and medical centres. We will deal with other areas but only after we are sure that the priority areas have been dealt with.