Hate crime

Support for victims

Essex Victims' Gateway will help you find support that is local and relevant to you.

Victim Support Essex gives emotional and practical help to people affected by crime in Essex, Thurrock and Southend. Their 'Hate Crime Champion' works to improve understanding of hate crimes and the support that victims need. Find out more about hate crime at Victim Support: Hate Crime.

Supporting victims of disability hate crime

Disability hate crime is the harassment of someone with an impairment. This can sometimes be due to ignorance. Advocacy groups can help those with impairments be more able to talk about and report hate crime.

Thurrock Coalition works to uphold the rights and entitlements of disabled people, older people, their families and carers.

Supporting the gay and lesbian community

Hate crime due to someone's sexual orientation is very common but doesn't often get reported. This sort of hate crime takes place when someone discriminate against a gay, lesbian or bisexual person. The victim may experience verbal or physical abuse, harassment via text, phone, email or post, graffiti damage to their property or offensive material posted through their letter box.

Go to True Vision: homophobic and transphobic hate crime.

Supporting the transgender community

The transgender community offers support to those who cross dress and those who are transsexual. Support is available for the victims of hate crime due to cross dressing as they may feel isolated, confused and lonely. There are many different types of support such as counselling and parties to help victims meet people that have the same interest.

Go to True Vision: homophobic and transphobic hate crime.

Transliving International is a UK-based international support group for the cross-dressing and transgender community.

Supporting the victims of racial hate crime

Crimes committed against someone because of their race, religion or belief, are hate crimes and should be reported to the police.

Go to True Vision: racist or religious hate crime.


The following organisations provide an advocacy service in Thurrock.