Moving to different council housing

Mutual exchange

If you have a secure tenancy you can swap your property with another council or housing association tenant, but you must get our permission first.

Introductory and demoted tenants cannot exchange their properties

We won't say no, except in a small number of cases – for example, where:

  • there is an eviction order for your home
  • we have started legal proceedings to evict you
  • the size or type of your property is unsuitable for the incoming household
  • the property was adapted for a disabled person and the new tenant has no-one in their household who needs those adaptations

Before the exchange can take place:

  • you must clear any rent you still owe
  • your property must pass an inspection

It is up to you to find someone to swap with. Websites such as Home Swapper can help. You can join Home Swapper for free if you are one of our tenants.

Once you have found someone who wants to swap you will both need to apply to us, whether the other person is one of our tenants or not. You will also have to apply to the other landlord if they are not our tenant.

Housing mutual exchange application

We have up to 42 days to make a decision and to let you know in writing. If we say no, we will give clear reasons.

Once an exchange has been agreed we will arrange a time and place that's convenient to you to sign a deed of assignment. This transfers all the rights and responsibilities of the secure tenancy over to the exchange partner. You must not move into each other's property until the deed is signed.

You must not pay or accept any payment to swap