Nationality and proof of life

Nationality checking

All nationality checking is done by the UK Visa and Citizenship Application Service (UKVCAS).

About the UKVCAS service

You can use UKVCAS to apply for British Citizenship. Their nationality checking service makes sure applications for British nationality are completed correctly, with the right documents and fee.

Before you book an appointment, you should make sure you meet all the requirements for applying for British citizenship – go to GOV.UK: check if you can become a British citizen.

Contact UK Visas and Immigration if you have any doubt about your eligibility.

Book an appointment

Nationality checking appointments will take place at UKVCAS centres around the UK – book your appointment using the UKVCAS website.

UKVCAS: book your appointment

Help to use the online service

The government's UK Visa's and Immigration (UKVI) service offers 'Assisted Digital' support for people who don't have the access, skills or confidence to apply online.

The Assisted Digital service does not provide immigration advice.

You can contact 'We are Digital', below, if you need Assisted Digital support with your online immigration application.

We are Digital

: 03333 445 675


You can also text the word 'VISA' to 07537 416 944.

When sending an email, please include a phone number on which you can be contacted

Advice on immigration and nationality

We cannot give immigration or nationality advice.

For immigration advice, go to Citizens Advice: Immigration.

For nationality advice, contact the government's UK Visas and Immigration service.