Remember to separate food and garden waste

7 March 2023

Thurrock Council is reminding residents to dispose of food and kitchen waste in their grey or green refuse bin and only use the brown bin for garden waste.

Brown bin collections will continue as frequently as possible but may not take place on the normal scheduled day. The advice the council is giving residents is to put their bin out on their scheduled collection day and leave it out until it is collected.

By keeping all food waste out of the brown bin and instead disposing of it in with general waste it will mean that brown bins can stay out for collection without causing odour issues or attracting pests.

It will allow waste crews to focus on carrying out vital recycling and waste collection on schedule while the council will continue to collect garden waste as promptly as possible.

Residents should put bins out as close to the road as possible so that crews can collect it and leave it out until it has been emptied. If it is not possible to leave it out on the pavement we ask that it is kept at the edge of their property.

More information is available on our website at