Personal safety

Stay safe when out

The following tips will help to keep you safe when you're out:

  • avoid walking home alone at the end of an evening, take a taxi or walk with a group with friends
  • keep the phone number of a trusted taxi firm handy
  • avoid taking short cuts or walking through dark deserted areas
  • keep near the kerb away from bushes and buildings
  • always walk facing oncoming traffic
  • don't hitch-hike or pick up hitch-hikers
  • have your keys ready when you approach your home or car, to avoid a delay in entering
  • if you're attacked, scream and shout as loud as you can and use a personal alarm if you have one
  • carry a torch after dark and be alert at all times

At the shops

The following tips will help to keep you safe at the shops:

  • carry your bag close to your body and be wary of people around you
  • if someone snatches your bag don't struggle, you may be injured
  • if you're attacked or robbed, get as good a description as possible of the offender and tell the police immediately
  • don't leave your purses, wallet or handbag unattended on top of your shopping bags, pram or supermarket trolley
  • don't carry excessive amounts of cash in your purse, bag or wallet
  • don't put your purse or wallet in a back pocket
  • don't carry your credit cards and cheque books in the same bag or pocket
  • when withdrawing money from a cash point, be wary of anybody standing by or attempting to distract you. Put the money straight into a purse, bag or wallet

In the car

The following tips will help to keep you safe in your car:

  • try to travel on busy routes, where possible
  • always lock your car after entering or leaving it
  • check the interior of your car before you enter, especially the back seat. Carry a torch after dark
  • keep valuables secure and out of sight
  • if you're followed, don't get out of the car, make sure that doors and windows are locked, sound the horn or flash your lights to attract attention and use your mobile phone (if you have one) to call for help

On public transport

The following tips will help to keep you safe at on public transport:

  • avoid isolated bus stops
  • sit near the driver, conductor or another passenger
  • if pestered, complain to the driver, conductor or guard
  • on trains avoid empty compartments or ones containing only one person

For more information about personal safety, go to the Suzy Lamplugh Trust website