Purfleet-on-Thames growth

Outline plans for the regeneration area

An outline planning application for Purfleet-on-Thames centre was submitted by Purfleet Centre Regeneration Ltd (PCRL) in December 2017. This application gives an initial view of development proposals for the whole centre, ahead of more detailed applications for individual sites.

Read the full application and supporting documents.

Current area

The application is for the redevelopment of land between the River Thames and the Channel Tunnel rail link. The site covers an area of about 628,500 square metres (155 acres) and is currently occupied by:

  • Beacon Hill Industrial Estate in Botany Quarry
  • the former Yara Purfleet Terminal, which was vacated in 2017
  • International Timber sawmill
  • Botany Cottages, Railway Cottages and Harlow Cottages
  • large areas of cleared and derelict scrub land south of London Road
  • Purfleet station and the c2c railway line

It is proposed that all existing buildings in the site would be demolished. This includes 18 cottages, along with Purfleet Station buildings and the current pedestrian bridge over the railway line.

All works – from preparing the site, through to the development of new property – would take place over a period of 16 years from 2018 until 2034.

Outline map