Religious education

Syllabus for religious education

The syllabus for 2022 to 2027 sets out what pupils should study in religious education (RE) from the ages of 3 to 19. Units of study are also available.

You can download a summary of the syllabus below.

Access to syllabus documents and units of study

For copyright reasons, all the syllabus documents and units of study below are protected by a password that we are only allowed to share with Thurrock schools. If you represent a school in Thurrock and would like to access these documents, please use the form below to request the password.

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Agreed syllabus documents

The syllabus is organised in sections that can be downloaded separately or as a whole.

Units of study

The following units of study are provided by licence to Thurrock Council for use only within Thurrock schools. This means you can share the files with colleagues across your school, either electronically or printed, but they are not licensed for publication or sharing outside your school. They must not be reproduced on any public-facing website.

Additional guidance

Additional guidance for schools is provide below. You don't need a password to access our guidance.