Tree maintenance

We maintain council-owned trees.

When prioritising work we consider:

  • the species of tree
  • the health of the tree
  • the age of the tree
  • where the tree is growing
  • health and safety

We consider requests for tree maintenance, but low priority is given to:

  • minor property encroachment
  • TV and satellite signal interference
  • trees shading property

We won't normally remove healthy trees.

Our responsibility

In most cases we are responsible for trees growing in:

  • roadside verges
  • parks and open spaces
  • amenity greens
  • cemeteries

In most cases we are not responsible for trees growing in:

  • private residential housing estates
  • private gardens
  • housing association properties
  • private business property

Report a problem

If a tree or other vegetation hangs over a road or footpath so it affects the movement of traffic, pedestrians or cyclists, you can report it as a highway problem. You can also report it as a highway problem if it covers a street light, a lit sign or a lit bollard.

Simply zoom-in on the map of Thurrock and – if the problem hasn't been reported already – make a new report using the map to show us where the problem is. Tell us as much as you can about the problem to help us investigate. You can check back later for progress updates.

Report a highway problem

To report any other problem with a council-owned tree, use the online form below.

Report a tree problem