Building control fees and charges

Fees and charges

Our building control standard charges are as follows.

Payments must accompany:

  • applications for approval under the building regulations
  • inspection of works

Charges are shown in the tables above and are dependent on the type of work and/or its total estimated cost. We set these charges on the basis that:

  • building works consist of, or include, standard building techniques and designs
  • the duration of the building work from start to finish is not more than 24 months
  • design and building work is undertaken by a person or company that is competent to carry out the tasks

Supplementary charges may be incurred if more work must be undertaken.

Points to note when reading the fees and charges tables:

  • all fees are subject to VAT, except the regularisation charge
  • the building notice fee is the total of the plan and inspection fee and should be paid on deposit of the application
  • fee reductions on tables A and B assume all controlled electrical installations included in the works will be carried out by a qualified Part P registered electrician, resulting in a satisfactory design, installation and test certificate.
  • if a self-certifying electrician is not employed, you will be invoiced for supplementary charges that reflect the third-party charges we incur to inspect and test the electrical installation on your behalf
  • total estimated cost means a reasonable estimate that would be charged by a professional builder, excluding professional fees and VAT
  • charges for large developments may be paid by instalments in some cases
  • where work within a single application relates to more than one fee category, or where our standard fees aren't applicable, we will calculate a fee quote based on the type of works being carried out
  • credit card and debit card payments can be made by phoning 01375 652 291

Contact us to confirm the appropriate fee where standard fees do not apply.

Building Control

: 01375 652 655