Chief executive, directors and services

Government intervention

In September 2022, the Government appointed Commissioners to support us following serious concerns about our finances. Since this intervention began, work has been underway to make the council better and more efficient – go to our Improvement pages to read more.

Senior Leadership Team

The chief executive is the most senior officer of the council, appointed by councillors to be the 'head of paid service'. Executive directors are officers who report directly to the chief executive. Their areas of responsibility are shown in our organisation structure chart.

Following the Government intervention at Thurrock Council, Dr Dave Smith has been appointed as independent Managing Director Commissioner fulfilling the role of a Chief Executive.

The Managing Director Commissioner is responsible for day-to-day operations of the council and will provide strategic direction and leadership, until such time as a permanent appointment to the vacant post of Chief Executive can be made.

Chief executive

The chief executive is responsible for:

  • managing the council's employees, services and work
  • setting important directions for the council
  • making sure the decisions councillors make are carried out

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team is responsible for:

  • checking performance across the council
  • delivering the government's initiatives and policies
  • supporting managers and staff to develop and deliver services
  • working with other organisations

Senior Leadership Team membership

Person Role
Dave Smith Chief Executive
Alex Powell Assistant Chief Executive
Ian Wake Executive Director of Adult and Health
Sheila Murphy Executive Director of Children's Services
Daniel Fenwick Executive Director of Corporate Services, and Monitoring Officer
Claire Demmel Interim Executive Director of Place
Kerry Thomas Chief of Staff
Dawn Calvert Interim Chief Financial Officer and Section 151 Officer

We publish a list of senior managers' salaries.