Children missing education


Children and young people of compulsory school age can be considered missing from education if they are not attending full-time education.

This includes children who are:

  • not on a school roll
  • not receiving a suitable education otherwise than at school

Children not receiving full-time education are often amongst the most vulnerable in Thurrock. They are at increased risk of harm from exploitation, including sexual exploitation, and are more likely to engage in criminal and anti-social behaviour.

We must make sure these children and young people can receive a suitable form of education as quickly as possible.

It is important that all professionals who have contact with young people work together to find and place children missing from education

Our procedures and safeguards

We have processes and procedures to reduce the risk of children missing education. These are supported by a central register of children missing education, maintained by our Pupil Tracking and Child Employment Officer.

Provision of education is arranged by our Senior Access and Inclusion Officer, who is the designated Children Missing Education Officer.

Thurrock's Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) strengthens the response to enquiries across organisations where there is concern about the risk of harm to a child.

Close links between the MASH and the Missing Children's Panel make sure there is a robust response to any safeguarding concerns for children missing education.

A child missing from education may also be missing from home and vulnerable to child sexual exploitation.


New enquiries should be made to our Education Welfare Service.

School Attendance Support Team
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: 01375 652 568