Community clean-ups

Organise a community clean-up

Get involved in a community clean-up and bring change to your area.

Working together

We're supporting groups in Thurrock who want to take part and clear their streets and parks.

Public areas can be:

  • parks and open spaces
  • pavements and public footpaths
  • shopping areas

We will help you by providing clean up equipment such as refuse sacks and litter pickers. All waste is then collected and disposed of for free.

Use the form below to let us know if you would like to organise a community clean-up.

Community clean-up form

You can find more information about organising a clean-up, below:

What we won't collect

We cannot collect fly-tipped items such as sofas, mattresses and tyres as part of a community clean-up. Please report fly-tipping.

We don't collect litter from private land, private alleyways or private access roads – the owner is responsible for these.