Community hubs and community centres

Supporting local people

Local community hubs and centres are places that support communities and help people stay independent.

They are a base for local activities and events, helping residents to:

  • get support and advice
  • find information
  • make applications online

Hubs and centres in Thurrock

There are currently 7 hubs or centres in towns and villages across Thurrock:

All have public access PCs that are free to use, with volunteers who can help residents to get online or access training.

Your community

Local volunteers are the people who bring communities alive. If you would like to volunteer and have a few hours a week to help out, contact the ngage Volunteer Centre or search Volunteer Essex.

Each hub or centre has its own activities and events, based on the needs of its community. Local committees decide what happens at each hub. They respond to the ideas that are suggested by local people.

Community hubs and centres across Thurrock are set-up as a partnership between local groups, voluntary organisations, and Thurrock Council.