Conservation areas

Development and protection

Proposals for new development in a conservation area are regulated. This allows the area to change while making sure that new development does not harm the visual or historic character of the area.

It is important that new buildings are designed to be in sympathy with the established character of the area. The choice of materials and the detailed design of building features are important in making sure it's appropriate to a conservation area.

Outline planning applications for new development are not enough for conservation areas.

Some forms of development that don't need planning permission in other areas, do need planning permission in a conservation area. These forms of development not requiring planning permission are called "permitted development".

Demolition control

Most buildings in a conservation area can't be pulled down without our conservation area consent. In deciding if consent should be given, we will consider how best to preserve or improve the character of the area. Consent is not normally granted until a replacement scheme has been agreed.

Tree protection

Trees contribute to the character of a conservation area. We may consider the importance of trees in an area, so anyone wishing to carry out pruning or other works to a tree growing in a conservation area must give us 6 weeks' notice.

In this time we will assess the importance of the tree, or trees, and may decide to make a tree preservation Order (TPO). This makes sure that trees are not felled without permission, and it controls any works. You will need to get consent if a tree is already covered by a TPO.

Development Management