Cycling in Thurrock

Cycling is a fun, healthy and environmentally-friendly way to get around Thurrock.

Cycling is also one of the cheapest ways to travel as you don't pay:

  • fuel costs
  • vehicle tax
  • insurance
  • licence or parking costs

Our cycle map shows the location of cycle paths, roads suitable for cycling, cycle crossings and cycle parking. There are many great places to go cycling in Thurrock.

Be safe, be seen

To increase visibility wear very bright clothing in the daytime and reflective clothing at night. When cycling at night you must have a white front light, red back light and reflector and all three must be in good working order.

It is illegal to cycle at night without lights and reflectors

Remember to keep all lights and reflectors clean and clear, you can also use spoke and pedal reflectors.

Bikeability cycle training and levels of experience

'Bikeability' cycle training is offered to year 6 pupils in every primary school in Thurrock. There are different Bikeability levels for beginners through to experienced cyclists. For more information, go to our cycle safety page.

ForwardMotion Thurrock Cycle Hub

ForwardMotion Thurrock Cycle Hub makes bicycles more accessible to the community. It offers:

  • refurbished bicycles for sale at a low cost
  • free bicycle checks
  • maintenance service and repairs for your bicycle
  • bicycle accessories and components for sale
  • bicycle marking
ForwardMotion Thurrock Cycle Hub
43 Calcutta Road, Tilbury, RM18 7QT

Open from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm.