Drugs and alcohol

Drug misuse

The effects of drugs can vary widely from one person to another.

Many factors can influence these effects, including:

  • how large a person is
  • whether they are male or female
  • where they are
  • who they are with
  • their general state of mind

The FRANK website has a straightforward guide about some of the most common drugs and provides a confidential helpline.

Find out about other drug support services.

Needles and syringes

You should never pick up discarded needles or syringes as they can cause infection or disease. If you find discarded drug paraphernalia, please report syringes, needles or blades.

If you need to dispose of clinical needles that you've used, you can take them to one of the pharmacies listed on our disposing of clinical waste page.

If you are an injecting drug user and need to get clean needles or dispose of needles you've used, contact The Forward Trust for information on local pharmacy needle exchange services.