Mental health


Good mental health means being generally able to think, feel and react in the ways that help us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more.

If you go through a period of poor mental health you might find the ways you think, feel or react become difficult – even impossible – to cope with.

Poor mental health can range from common problems such as depression and anxiety, to rarer problems such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Simple steps to better mental health and well-being

We don’t have to wait until we are struggling with our mental health. There are lots of simple things we can do to look after our mental health and avoid problems.

Take the NHS 'Every Mind Matters' quiz to get a free 'mind plan' with tips and advice for you.

NHS Every Mind Matters: your mind plan

Your mind plan can help you:

  • deal with stress and anxiety
  • boost your mood
  • improve your sleep
  • feel more in control

For more simple steps to look after your mental health, search NHS One You: Every Mind Matters.

If you need to get help

Find out where to get help if you have a problem and where to get emergency help if it's needed.

For advice on boosting your well-being, contact Thurrock Healthy Lifestyle Service or check out the sport and leisure opportunities in the borough.