Equality and fairness

Charter for older people

This charter is a pledge of the values and standards older people can expect from us and our partners.

It recognises the challenges faced by older people and also the contribution they make to Thurrock.

The charter pledges to improve the quality of life of older people by undertaking to:

1. provide good information and advice
2. treat older people with dignity and respect
3. give older people a voice and an opportunity to shape services
4. give older people choice and control over the services they receive and where they receive them - develop health and care solutions that can be accessed close to home
5. make sure that older people don't suffer discrimination because of their age - create communities where people who are diagnosed with dementia and their carers are nurtured, understood and supported
6. focus on prevention to enable older people to stay healthy and live as independently as possible
7. work across service and professional boundaries to support and care for older people in a way that meets older people's needs not ours
8. support older people to be free from abuse and harm
9. build more hospitable, age friendly communities - reduce social isolation and loneliness, and help older people to enjoy life
10. build high-quality housing with the right neighbourhood facilities for older people - as regeneration takes place in Thurrock, make sure older people benefit equally from this

We will review and develop the charter with older people on a regular basis.