Finding childcare

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – childcare for key workers

We are helping to find childcare for vulnerable children and children of 'key workers'. Key workers are those who work in health, social care, education, food and other necessary goods, local and national government, public safety, national security, transport, utilities, communications, financial services or other key public services. For a full list, go to GOV.UK: maintaining educational provision.

If you are a key worker and need help finding childcare, email our School Effectiveness team. For all other childcare enquiries, go to our childcare web pages.

Childcare sufficiency assessment

A childcare sufficiency assessment compares the supply of childcare in an area to the demand for childcare.

Demand for childcare is based on the number of children in the area, and the average national usage. By comparing supply with demand, we can see whether there is a need for more childcare in an area.

By law we have to carry out an assessment each year. You can read the latest assessment report below.