Freight transport

Abnormal loads

An abnormal load is a vehicle that has any of the following:

  • a weight of more than 44,000 kilograms
  • an axle load of more than 10,000 kilograms for a single non-driving axle and 11,500 kilograms for a single driving axle
  • a width of more than 2.9 metres
  • a length of more than 18.65 metres

Hauliers must notify the highway authority for the routes they want to use before moving an abnormal load. The load must not be moved until the highway authority has given consent.

Project Centre acts for us in our capacity as highway authority.

Project Centre will check your proposed abnormal load route against our records to make sure it can accommodate the load. You must find an alternative route if the proposed route is not suitable.

It is your responsibility to survey the proposed route. You should check this website for details of current and planned roadworks in Thurrock.

When requesting an abnormal load movement check through a proposed route, you must include indemnity insurance so the cost of repairing any damage to the highway caused by transporting the load can be recovered.

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Go to GOV.UK for more information on transporting abnormal loads.