Freight transport

Freight quality partnership

The Freight Quality Partnership (FQP) works to develop an understanding of freight, delivery and servicing issues. The FQP promotes constructive local solutions that reconcile the need for access to goods and services with local economic, environmental and social concerns.

Thurrock has a high quantity of freight movements associated with our port and logistics activities. The proportion of heavy commercial vehicle movements is very high. In addition, there are high numbers of deliveries made to retailers in locations across the borough.

Partners include us and local businesses, such as those associated with the port, distribution and logistics centres. By working together, the partnership aims to reduce the impact of freight movements on local people, communities and businesses, and to minimise the problems associated with freight delivery and vehicle movements.

Benefits of joining the Thurrock Freight Quality Partnership

Businesses and freight transport companies can benefit from joining the FQP in the following ways:

  • it provides a means for local businesses, the freight industry, the local community and us to work together and find local solutions to local freight, delivery and servicing issues
  • it offers a free green fleet efficiency survey for your own fleet or your transport contractor's operation, with the production of a road map of suggestions for improving fleet efficiency by joining the Thurrock Efficient and Cleaner Operations Stars scheme (ECO Stars)
  • it provides a forum for influencing local authority and national government policy affecting freight transport
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