Get involved in your community

How you can get involved

An active citizen is someone who cares about their community enough to change it. You can become an active citizen and help to make your community a better place in any of the following ways.

Join your local community forum

By joining or attending your local community forum, you can:

  • help with local projects
  • raise issues
  • oversee forum business


Volunteers give their time freely to support their communities. Whatever your background, work experience, gender or age, you will have a skill that someone needs.

Nearly half the adults in the country volunteer. The reasons they give for volunteering include:

  • making a difference and a feeling of satisfaction
  • having fun
  • improving their CV
  • making new friends

Contact ngage to find out about volunteering opportunities in Thurrock. To volunteer with us, check our list of current volunteer opportunities. You can also find out about timebank volunteering.

Local voluntary organisations

There are many voluntary, community and faith organisations in Thurrock that focus on different issues. To find out more, contact Thurrock Community and Voluntary Services (TCVS).

Thurrock Joint Compact is an agreement between the voluntary, community and faith sector, Thurrock Council and our other partners. It is a commitment to work together for the benefit of all residents.

For more information, contact our Community Development team.

Community development


Community hubs

Local community hubs and community centres are places that support communities and help people stay independent. They are a base for local activities and events, helping residents to get information and advice as well as get involved with what's going on.

Take part in a consultation

We often use consultations to find out people’s views on our proposals or policies. Find out how you can have your say in our consultations.

Patient participation groups

Many local GP surgeries have a patient participation group (PPG) or patient forum. Membership is open to all patients of the practice, and meetings are attended by patients and practice staff. Ask at your GP surgery for details.

How we get involved with communities

Our Collaborative Communities Framework sets out how will improve the way we engage with communities, talk about shared concerns and work better together.