Highway projection licensing

Licence for projections over a highway

If you wish to construct a bridge or building over a public highway, or alter such a construction, you must have a licence from the highway authority.

You may be required by the authority to remove or alter any bridge at your own expense.

You must also obtain the consent of the highway authority if you wish to position along or across a highway any overhead:

  • beam
  • rail
  • pipe
  • cable
  • wire
  • similar apparatus

You are exempt from this requirement if you are:

  • carrying out work authorised by a licence under Chapter I of Part I of the Transport Act 2000
  • a provider of a universal postal service
  • the operator of an electronic communications code network
  • the operator of a driver information network

Failure to comply with the above requirements may result in a fine.

National Highways roads and private roads

We are responsible for the maintenance, repair and cleaning of most roads in Thurrock, including footways. We are not responsible for:

  • private roads – these are the responsibility of their residents
  • National Highways roads

You should contact National Highways (formerly 'Highways England') for matters concerning:

  • A13 – from M25 junction 30 to the Tilbury slip road and to the A1089
  • A1089 Dock Approach Road, Tilbury – from the A13 to Asda roundabout
  • St Andrew's Road, Tilbury – from Asda roundabout to Tilbury Dock gate

: 01375 652 652

: general.enquiries@thurrock.gov.uk