Library fees and charges

Library fines

Books are loaned for 3 weeks.

Fines are charged at rate of 20p for each day an item is kept after the date it was due to be returned. In the first week, the fine is:

  • day 1 – 20p
  • day 2 – 40p
  • day 3 – 60p
  • day 4 – 80p
  • day 5 – £1
  • day 6 – £1.20
  • day 7 – £1.40

The maximum fine for each book is £11.20 – 8 weeks.

Children and young adults using their own library card do not pay fines on books.

A repeat hire charge is made for overdue CDs and DVDs for each week, or part of a week that they are kept late.

Items borrowed from any Essex County Council library will be charged at the current rate for that authority.

You will not be allowed to use your library card if you owe £10 or more.