Ordering and renewing library items

Books, music, films and more

It's free for you to order books, DVDs or CDs online.

Thurrock Council is a member of The Library Consortium, which connects many library services in London, the South East, and East of England. When you search the library catalogue, you can choose, order and collect items from any library within The Library Consortium area.

Choosing and ordering items yourself

All you need to do is:

  • search the library catalogue for the title you want to borrow
  • when you've found it, select the item to show further details
  • select ‘Reserve this item’ – you can enter your library card number and PIN code
  • choose which library you'd like to collect the item from

Search the library catalogue

When the item arrives at the library you will receive an email or text message. We keep the items at the library for 10 days so you have time to collect them.

If you’ve given us your email address, we will send you a loan reminder 2 days before your loaned items are due to be renewed or returned.

You can add or update your email address when you login to the libraries catalogue. After logging-in, select 'My Account' within the libraries catalogue, scroll down the contact information, select 'Edit', then update your details and select 'Save'. Our staff can help with this on your next visit to a library.

Library catalogue – select 'Log In' option

Ask our staff to choose items for you

You can use our 'order and collect' service to ask our staff to choose items for you from the shelves of your local branch library in Thurrock.

Once our staff have selected the items they will let you know when they are ready for you to collect.

Thurrock Libraries order and collect

Other items

As well as books, DVDs and CDs, you can also order from Thurrock libraries: