Planning fees and charges

Fees for planning applications

In most cases you must pay a fee when you make a planning application.

Our fees for valid planning applications are set by the government. You can download a guide to the current fees for planning applications in England from Planning Portal: what it costs.

The Planning Portal guide sets out all fees, along with details of exemptions from payment and reductions to payment.

Fees to be paid with your application

You can use the Planning Portal's online fee calculator to work out how much you must pay.

Planning Portal fee calculator

Planning applications will be considered invalid if submitted without the correct payment.

Fees for applications that are withdrawn or not validated

The cost of registering an application is usually covered by the application fee. We make a charge when an application is registered but then either:

  • not made valid before the allowed deadline
  • withdrawn

The amount charged is based on the cost of our officers' time. The charge is taken from the application fee and the remainder of the fee is returned to the applicant.

If an application is invalid, we will explain the reason clearly and tell you the latest date for sending us any outstanding items. We will allow more time if there are exceptional circumstances, such as the need to carry out a habitat survey during a particular season of the year.

You will be told when you may incur a registration charge if you do not submit the outstanding items.

You will not receive a refund if either:

  • your application has been through the consultation period
  • 6¬†months have passed since your application was submitted