Planning pre-application advice

Pre-application advice service

We encourage you discuss your plans with us before you submit your planning application. This can help you overcome potential difficulties and make sure your application covers everything that's needed.

The time and effort spent in preparing your plans and discussing them with us is more likely to result in a good quality and acceptable development. It will also help us process your scheme more quickly.

We provide pre-application advice at meetings, over the phone and in writing. Meetings are offered online. The service is available both to applicants and agents.

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About advice given

Advice given through our pre-application advice service will not bind us to making any particular decision. The views expressed are those of the case officer only. The advice will only be applicable while there is no change in policy or other relevant circumstances.

All significant development proposals must be assessed by our Design Review panel. Their reviews take place at an early stage, before a planning application is submitted.

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