Planning support for investors, developers and agents

Helping you through planning

We want developers to experience a smooth path through the planning system to get the consents needed for their work to begin in earnest.

Thurrock's responsive and constructive development management culture is designed to support the development industry.

Pre-application advice

Our robust pre-application advice service lets developers discuss their proposals in depth with our development management team ahead of submission. Developers who regularly opt for pre-application advice have found:

  • their proposals end up being of higher quality
  • their route through the planning system is made easier
  • decisions are made faster

Developers tell us that planning conditions are a blockage to starting schemes. We work with developers to tackle planning conditions at pre-application stage. Wherever possible we make sure that as much detail as possible is agreed up front, avoiding the need for conditions that would be time consuming for both parties to deal with after a decision.

Single point of contact

From the moment you bring your schemes to us we will coordinate with all council departments on your behalf so you need only one single point of contact.

Contact us to discuss your development and investment ideas.

Development Management


Help us to improve

We hold bi-annual Planning Agent Panel meetings to give customers a chance to discuss the service with senior management. The feedback we get helps us to keep improving and make sure we're always on track. Let us know if you're interested in being part of this process.