School governors

The role of school governors

School governors share a commitment to supporting a school in achieving high standards. They:

  • set a school's vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • hold school leaders to account for education performance
  • oversee financial performance and make sure money is well spent

We offer governors and clerks in Thurrock:

  • advice and guidance
  • bespoke training, when requested

We also help recruit new volunteer governors for schools.

Becoming a governor

If you would like to get more involved in your child's school, or in any of our schools, being a governor might be a good way. Governors:

  • go to regular meetings
  • visit the school
  • debate policies and plans
  • keep an eye on income and expenditure

Some come from professional backgrounds while other bring more general life experiences.

We provide a wide range of training for governors and governing bodies. Governors can also contact us for advice and guidance.

Apply to become a school governor

Thurrock school governors


The National Governors Association has a lot of useful information on training and other issues.