Thames crossing

Dartford Crossing local resident scheme

The Dartford Crossing is one of Europe's busiest crossings. It spans the River Thames between Thurrock and Dartford, linking the M25 motorway on either side.

You must pay a DART charge toll to use the Dartford Crossing. You cannot pay at the barriers when you use the crossing. Go to GOV.UK: pay the Dartford Crossing charge (DART charge) for full details.

Thurrock residents are eligible for a local resident discount.

Local resident discount

You can apply for a discount if you pay council tax to Thurrock Council or Dartford Borough Council.

A local resident discount account offers a significant discount on the crossing charge for cars to those residents who can confirm they are eligible.

Go to GOV.UK: pay the Dartford Crossing charge (DART charge) for current discounts.

How to apply

Applications must be made to the government, not to Thurrock Council.

You can apply online below. If you've already set up an account, go to GOV.UK: Dart Charge sign-in to manage your account or pay the charge.

Dartford Crossing account – apply for a local resident discount

To apply by post, download the local residents form from GOV.UK: set-up or cancel a DART Charge account by post.

You must show evidence, either by scanning or photographing your documents, or sending them by post for checking.

You'll need:

  • your vehicle details
  • a current council tax bill that matches the address in your application
  • proof you live in Thurrock, such as a gas, electricity or water bill from the last 3 months, a bank or credit card statement from the last 3 months, income support book, rent document or driving licence
  • proof your vehicle is registered in Thurrock, such as a copy of your V5C vehicle registration or a vehicle lease in your name
  • a debit card or credit card