Travel planning

Rail station travel plans

Rail operator c2c works with us and others to develop rail station travel plans for the stations in Thurrock.

A station travel plan includes:

  • information on the station and the surrounding area
  • details of any problems
  • passengers' views
  • operators' views
  • information on how passengers travel and ways of getting to and from the station

These plans will encourage passengers to:

  • walk
  • cycle
  • car share
  • catch the bus to the railway station

This will reduce congestion around the station. It will also lessen the station's effect on the environment, and encourage more travel by rail.

A travel plan includes an action plan about making improvements that will:

  • benefit customers
  • help the rail operator
  • improve the environment
  • help reduce congestion

To request a copy of the latest station travel plans, contact c2c.