Well Homes in private housing

Benefits and energy advice

Private tenants and home owners in Thurrock can get additional support through our Benefits and Energy Advice project.

If you are a resident of Thurrock – either as a private tenant or living in a home you own – you can contact our Financial Inclusion Officer for:

  • advice on how to make your home more energy efficient and save money on fuel bills, including help to change your energy supplier or current energy contract
  • help to check you're getting the benefits to which you're entitled
  • a free health check on your home
  • help with heating repairs, loft and cavity insulation
  • advice on installing smoke detectors and security lights
  • help to carry out repairs if your currently living in a home you own
  • help to deal with your landlord if you're a private tenants concerned about health and safety

We can also help you access services and groups to support:

  • health and lifestyle – for example, help to stop smoking, help with weight management, free NHS health check and vaccinations
  • making life easier with more independence – for example, debt advice, social groups, family support
Financial Inclusion Officer for private housing

: fio.privatehousing@thurrock.gov.uk