Well Homes in private housing

Families new to Thurrock

Our Well Homes scheme can helps families feel safe and secure when they are housed in Thurrock from other boroughs.

We can help families to get the support and information they need to feel part of ;their local community. In particular, we help families who may need more support because they have low income, poor health, young children, or are vulnerable for other reasons.

Our Well Homes Vulnerable Families project can offer families new to Thurrock:

  • a residents' welcome pack
  • support and advocacy services
  • information on children’s social care, education, health, housing and transport
  • help to find social activities and local faith groups
  • help to find employment, training and education
  • help to access support with money, such as benefits and debt advice
  • information on living well, including healthy eating and exercise
  • home health checks to remove health and safety hazards
  • help to make progress with complaints about housing

For more information, contact our Well Homes team.

Well Homes
Well Homes team, Private Housing, Thurrock Council, New Road, Grays, RM17 6SL

: wellhomes@thurrock.gov.uk