Young people with special needs preparing for adulthood

Childhood to adulthood

As a young person you will go through a number of stages as you grow and develop. One of the most important is your move – or transition – from childhood into adulthood.

This can be an exciting time, but also sometimes worrying – even more so if you have special educational needs or a disability. It can affect both you and your family.

Many things can change for you during transition, such as your:

  • education
  • employment
  • finance and benefits
  • home environment
  • health and medical needs
  • social care needs

It is important to plan well for all these changes so that you and those around you can feel more confident.

Transition support

Our transition service makes sure that – as a young person aged 14 to 25 with special educational needs or a disability – you have the support and guidance you need to help you plan for the future. This includes helping you to:

  • access, education, training and employment
  • live as independently as possible
  • access leisure and free-time facilities

Specialist care services are free of charge up to your 18th birthday. Once you are over 18 years-old, you may have to pay towards using some services.

You will have a financial and benefits assessment and be told the likely costs before being asked to pay. The assessment will look at your income, savings and other payments you have to make.