Youth cabinet

Thurrock Youth Cabinet

Thurrock's Youth Cabinet is a group of 11 to 19 year-olds who work to make Thurrock a better place for young people.

The Youth Cabinet was set up to give the young people of Thurrock a voice. Youth Cabinet members regularly meet with councillors, council officers and other decision makers to give their views on:

  • youth activities
  • school curriculum
  • mental health
  • plastic pollution
  • police and community safety

Youth Cabinet elected roles for 2022 are:

  • Member of Youth Parliament – Lionel Mazithulela
  • Chairperson – Ashley Palipana BCyA
  • Vice-chairperson – Mollie Quincey

How it works

Thurrock's Youth Cabinet works by:

  • holding monthly meetings with guest speakers covering different youth issues
  • carrying out surveys to get young people's views
  • campaigning on matters affecting youth
  • attending and organising events

How to join

If you are a young person who lives in Thurrock or goes to school in Thurrock, you can find out more about Thurrock Youth Cabinet by emailing us below.

Thurrock Youth Cabinet