Attending public meetings


We encourage residents and members of the press to attend public meetings at Thurrock Council.

Our committee meetings calendar shows when and where meetings will take place.

Public seating areas are provided, although seating may be limited.

Speaking at public meetings

If you wish to speak or ask a question at a public meeting, you must ask for permission in advance. You can ask to speak at meetings of:

Our guide to questions and statements can help you decide what to say.

Behaviour at public meetings

When attending public meetings, please:

  • be respectful
  • allow speakers to be heard
  • don't talk while others are speaking

Please don't shout at public meetings – you will be asked to leave.

You are welcome to film, photograph, make sound recordings, and share information online while attending meetings, as long as you don't disrupt the meeting while doing so.

Read our guidance on recording and reporting public meetings.