Bonfires and fireworks

Celebrating bonfire night

Celebrating special occasions with a fireworks display can be a great way to enjoy a good night out. Organised displays can be free of charge or raise money for local charities.

Enjoying the fireworks in your local park with your local community – sharing the 'oohs' and 'aahs' in the crowd – can be a great way of getting together, meeting with your friends and neighbours and sharing in your local community spirit.

Take a torch along with you and make sure children wear bright clothes so they can be seen easily.

Remember that many animals find fireworks scary, so please be considerate of pets and other animals when enjoying fireworks. For information and advice, go to RSPCA: pets and fireworks.

Organising your own event

Fireworks can be expensive. You're likely to get more dazzle and bang at an organised event, and you won't have to plan and host it yourself - taking responsibility for safety.

You should read the Fire Service bonfire safety advice if you are thinking about organising a public firework display or bonfire.

If you plan to celebrate with your own private fireworks or bonfire you should first read about: