Noise nuisance

Noise complaints

We will investigate complaints about noise that, by law, could be a 'statutory nuisance'. For advice on what counts as a statutory nuisance, go to GOV.UK: statutory nuisances.

Noise nuisance you can report to us

You can report:

  • domestic noise – amplified sound, loud music, loud DIY, barking dogs
  • house and car alarms
  • loud industrial or commercial noise, such as air conditioning and fans
  • entertainment noise, such as loud music from pubs and clubs

Noise nuisance we're not able to deal with

We are not able to deal with noise from recreational parks or roads, including road traffic noise.

If you are being disturbed by noise from racing vehicles, contact Essex Police by phoning 101.

If you are being disturbed by 'anti-social behaviour' noise – for example, banging and shouting from next door – and you or the person making the noise live in a council-owned property, you can report this to our tenancy services. Go to our anti-social behaviour page for details.

We are not able to deal with complaints about 'living' noise, such as talking or moving furniture.

Before you complain

Before making a complaint, try to resolve the problem by talking to the person responsible at a time when you don’t feel upset by the noise and when you believe it is safe to do so.

It may be helpful to keep a diary of noise 'events', noting the time and date and the type of noise nuisance caused. You can use this to show the person responsible what the problem is.

If speaking with the person and trying to resolve the problem in an informal way doesn’t work, you can report the noise to us.

Make a complaint

We cannot accept or investigate anonymous complaints as, by law, we must know who is, or who is likely to be, affected by a statutory nuisance.

Report pollution or noise

Noise nuisance - out of hours reporting

: 07788 200 200

9pm to 2am, Friday night and Saturday night, and Sunday night when before a bank holiday Monday

What we can do

To deal with noise nuisance, we can:

  • send a notification of investigation and warning letters
  • request that those responsible attend an interview under caution
  • serve an abatement notice to control the noise
  • prosecute those responsible and, in some cases, seize their equipment if the abatement notice is breached and the noise is witnessed by officers

We can dispose of seized equipment if a prosecution is successful.