Buying your council home

Your right to buy

Tenants of council houses and flats have the general right to buy their home for its market value less a discount. This amount discounted will depend on how long you have lived there. The maximum discount in Thurrock is £80,900.

To qualify you must:

  • have been secure public sector tenants for at least 3 years
  • live in the dwelling as your principal or only home
  • be a secure tenant – an outstanding possession order can badly affect security

If you sell within the first 5 years of buying, you will have to repay all or some of the discount. If you sell during the first year, you repay the whole discount and then the amount reduces by 20% for each complete year of ownership.

Remember if you do buy your home with mortgage finance and you don't keep up payments you risk the lender taking possession and selling it.

You can find lots of information on the government's Right to Buy: Own Your Home website.