Charges for information requests

Freedom of information charges

When estimating the cost of complying with a written request for Information, we will take into account the staff time involved in:

  • finding out whether the information is held
  • locating the information
  • getting the information

Costs are worked out at an hourly rate of £25 per person, as set by government, and must be reasonable.

We do not charge for the time taken to consider whether information is exempt by law from being provided.

When the cost is below £450

If we estimate the cost to be below £450, there will be no charge unless the cost of printing, copying and postage is more than £10.

We will send you a fees notice if printing, copying and postage costs are more than £10. You must pay these costs within 3 months before we can send you the information.

When the cost is above £450

By law, we are not obliged to respond to a written request for information if the cost would be more than £450 – equal to 18 hours' work at £25 per hour.

Although we will refuse to provide information in these cases, we will offer to discuss whether you would like to modify the request to reduce the cost.

Campaign requests

If we receive 2 or more related requests within 60 working days, from a person or persons who appear to be acting together to pursue a campaign, the costs of the individual requests will be added together.

Charging policy

You can download our charging policy and related policies below.