Freedom of information requests

Freedom of information

We want to share information with you about how we do things and what we spend money on.

The Freedom of Information Act allows you to ask us for all the recorded information we have on any subject. You don’t have to tell us why you want it, and we won’t ask. We will be open and honest.

Asking for information

Before asking for information, please check information we do not provide if your request is about:

  • schools
  • licences
  • named individuals, including council employees
  • business rates
  • business contracts
  • public funerals and people who have died with no next of kin

Please also go to freedom of information responses to check if it has already been published.

Use our online form to ask for information.

Request information

We will reply to you within 20 working days of receipt of your application. If we can’t give you some of the information you've asked for, we’ll tell you why.

You can also send your request by email, below.

Information Management


To find out more about your rights under the Freedom of Information Act, go to the Information Commissioner's Office website.

You can download our Freedom of Information policy and related policies below.