Ordinary watercourse drainage consent

If you want to carry out works on a watercourse you may need consent. If the watercourse is a main river then you will need to apply to the Environment Agency. If the watercourse is defined as an ordinary watercourse - not main river - then you will need to apply to us.

Consent for works on an ordinary watercourse

By law the erection or alteration of any mill dam, culvert, weir or other like obstruction to the flow of an ordinary watercourse requires local authority consent.

Consent is needed for both permanent and temporary works.

Before completing your application please read the application guidance notes. We encourage you to contact us before you apply so we can discuss your requirements, give advice and make sure that your application is completed correctly.

Your application isn’t approved until you hear from us and a formal consent has been issued. Upon receipt of an application, we have 2 months to grant or refuse consent. Consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

Works carried out must be in accordance with the consent. You must ensure the contractor(s) carrying out the works are fully aware of the consent and its conditions. Consents are valid for up to 12 months.

If works are carried out without consent from us we have the power to serve a notice requiring you to remove the nuisance within a specified time.