Thurrock has experienced river floods in the past from the River Thames. The most significant was the 1953 East Anglian flood, including Tilbury, which resulted in the loss of 307 lives. Since then, smaller scale flooding from the River Mardyke, Stanford Brook and flash flooding has been experienced throughout Thurrock.

Current flood defences in Thurrock and along the River Thames significantly reduce the likelihood of flooding from river and tidal sources. These cannot completely remove the risk of floods in the future, however.

Properties that are located outside river or coastal flood plains may still be at risk from flash flooding. This is where heavy rain exceeds the capacity of drainage systems. This type of flood could occur anywhere in Thurrock and at any time.

If you are concerned about flooding

Owners or occupiers are mainly responsible for protecting their homes and businesses. You can get advice on flooding from these web pages.

If your home or business has been flooded in the past, or you worried that you are at risk of flooding, you can also get advice from the Smart Flood Protection project.

Current flood warnings for Essex

This information is provided by the government's flood information service and is also available at GOV.UK: flood warnings for Essex.