Get involved as a council tenant or leaseholder

Excellence Panel

The Excellence Panel works towards the best possible standards of housing service to all council tenants in Thurrock.

Panel members are council tenants who have volunteered to work alongside our housing teams to improve services and make sure residents have a say.

If you are community-minded and would like to join the panel, go to our volunteering vacancies page from where you can download, complete and return a 'Housing volunteer' form.

Areas of interest

As well as the main Excellent Panel, we have sub-groups that look for ways to improve specific areas of our housing service.

These include:

  • repairs and maintenance – assess our housing repairs service and work with our team to find where improvements are needed
  • policy development – look into our wide range of housing and become a part of any policy reviews that take place
  • working with young people – help us to get the views of younger residents and find out what would like for the future
  • estate inspections – work alongside our teams as we assess our housing estates, making sure they are kept clean and well maintained
  • vacant properties ('voids') – visit empty properties with our teams, including health and safety experts, and help us make sure they are fit for use for the next tenant
  • readers panel – read our documents before we share them with tenants and help us make sure they are easy to understand
  • customer satisfaction – check that we're meeting our service standards and help us find new ways to be sure our tenants are satisfied

Excellence Panel meetings

The Excellence Panel meets 10 times each year at the Civic Offices in New Road, Grays. Attendance is by invitation only.

Get involved as a council tenant or leaseholder