Governance ethics and standards

How we will deal with your complaint

Our monitoring officer will assess your complaint and decide whether it should be investigated. They may:

  • decide the complaint can be resolved through informal mediation or discussion
  • ask you for further evidence or information to support your complaint
  • ask for an initial response from the councillor you are complaining about
  • ask an independent person for their opinion
  • refer your complaint to the Members Advisory Panel

The monitoring officer will inform both you and the councillor you've made a complaint about of their decision, within 30 days of receiving the complaint. If they're not able to respond within this time, they will inform you of the date when a decision will be made.

Right to review the monitoring officer’s decision

If you are not satisfied with the monitoring officer’s decision not to investigate your complaint, you have 7 days to ask for a review.

You must write to the monitoring officer, clearly stating your reasons for asking for a review.

The chief executive will review your request and if they agree with your reasons, your complaint will be investigated.

Investigating complaints

If the decision is taken to investigate your complaint:

  • the monitoring officer will ask an officer of the council or an independent investigator to investigate
  • the monitoring officer may provide terms of reference for the investigation, focusing on the factual evidence in support or against the allegation
  • the councillor you have complained about has a duty to co-operate with the investigation
  • you and the councillor you have complained about will be able to provide further evidence
  • the investigation should take no longer than 2 months, though the investigating officer may decide to allow longer
  • the investigator will provide a written report to the monitoring officer
  • the monitoring officer will report the matter to the Members Advisory Panel