Grays growth

Town centre design guide

The town centre design guide will be used to set standards for where and how future development in the town centre takes place.

It will also be a guide for the design of streets and public spaces.

What is involved

The design guide will cover:

  • transport and movement – facilities for walking and cycling, connections between bus and train journeys, access to taxis and car parks

  • public spaces – better streets and layouts throughout the town centre, which will link with new public squares at the High Street underpass

  • new developments – setting high standards for developments, including their location, use, height, access and the re-use of existing buildings

Our design team will create a document that sets out our design principles and proposes a series of projects that could create even more improvements for Grays.

Work on the proposed projects will depend on funding and developers as well as the policies of Thurrock's new Local Plan, which is currently being worked on.

What's happening now

Our design team is looking at the town as it is now, along with new opportunities for improvement. They will then start developing design principles and proposals.

More information on this work – including how you can have your say – will be published here when ready.