Installations over the highway

Apply for a new installation

You must apply for temporary permission if you wish to install any object over a public highway.

This includes:

  • banners
  • flags
  • hanging baskets
  • seasonal decorations – for example, Christmas lights

You do not need permission for installations on private property, unless any part of the installation hangs over a public road or footway.

How to apply

Please read our guide to applying before you submit your application.

Your application should be submitted online using the form below.

Apply for an installation over the highway

A deposit fee of £250 must be paid with your application – we will not process your application until we have received this deposit.

The deposit fee will be returned to you if your installation is removed by the date and time given in the confirmation letter that we will send if your application is approved. If you do not remove the installation by this date and time, we will arrange to remove it and dispose of it, and will charge you for the full costs incurred.