Listed buildings

Listed building consent

You will need to obtain listed building consent us if you wish to alter or extend a listed building. You may also need planning permission.

Any extension, or alteration that affects the character of a listed building needs consent, even where this only affects the interior. It can sometimes be quite difficult to tell what changes affect the character of a building.

Generally speaking, any type of extension does, as will any alteration to an external feature such as a door or window, which is not an exact copy of the original. For instance, consent would be needed for any replacement windows in a listed building that are not identical in materials, proportion, design and finish to the original - a 'like for like' replacement.

The repainting or re-pointing of a building will also need listed building consent if this is not carried out in exactly the same manner as the existing building. For example, this means that the same colour of paint, or the same mix of mortar, must be used for consent not to be required.

Internal changes to buildings will need consent if they affect important features of the building. For instance, putting in or removing internal walls will alter the character of the building and will need consent.

All demolition, including buildings within the curtilage, requires listed building consent.

It is an offence to demolish, alter or extend a listed building without listed building consent - the penalties for this can be heavy.

The fact that a building is listed does not mean that it must be preserved intact for all time. What it does mean is that any proposed alteration or extension will be looked at very carefully to make sure it fits in with the design and character of the building.

Other forms of approval, such as planning permission, building regulations, or housing grant or loan, do not grant listed building consent for any other works. It is always best to check whether listed building consent is needed before you make any changes.

Please contact us if you are thinking of making changes to a listed building and are in any doubts as to whether consent is needed. Go to our application form page to apply online for listed building consent.

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